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Mr. & Mrs. Barrick

October 17, 2009

Pictures are starting to filter in - stay tuned!

Also just wanted to say we had a FANTASTIC time!! The evening went by so fast I couldn't believe it. It was a bit of a squeeze but I have to admit, it made the evening so much more fun and intimate (just wish we could have accommodated more people since the guest list could have easily been 200-250 instead of 100, but that's the way things go unfortunately). The decorations looked postiviely gorgeous (many, many thanks to ladyvermath, grannygoth and drakeula for your help, you guys did a fantastic job!). Cheers also to drakeula for being the Gothiest usher and chauffeur ever, and copious thanks to kitsune_13 and langsuir for your help with so many things I can barely list them all here (although the couple of last-minute belts of Fireball whiskey right before the ceremony should get special mention, LOL)! The staff at Brock House were wonderful, the food was awesome, the music kicked *ass* (huge thanks to DJ's logik and gothiousrex!), and cheekydevil gets major kudos for MCing, DJing and keeping the pace flowing flawlessly all night long (I know it must have been like wrangling cats at times!). HUGE thanks are also owed to Mykl, who was at our side at every turn to capture the night in photos (and seriously, it must have been quite tiring!), as well as mediavictim for getting what were probably some pretty priceless moments from some pretty plastered people on video! We are very, VERY lucky to have so many talented, generous, free-spirited and hilarious friends, and we thank you all for sharing our special day with us.

To those who weren't able to be with us on Saturday, I hope you will enjoy "celebrating by proxy" via the many photos yet to come. Thank you for all your well-wishes and warm thoughts. :)
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