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Fanboy Confessional - Steampunk Edition

Since I'm such a small fry, any media attention I receive whatsoever is like getting on the cover of the Rolling Stone. :P

On July 13th, 2011 the Canadian "Space Channel" network ran the second episode of their new series Fanboy Confessional, a documentary on fantasy and sci-fi fan culture. This episode focused solely on Steampunk, something my shop Art of Adornment is no stranger to. During clip 2, I and designers Lady V and 10andSIX can be seen (we were not interviewed but shown prominently, along with our wares), as well as my husband Atratus/Michael R. Barrick (who gets to say a few words about himself). Not only that, but you'll see a cameo by the glamorous and talented Madame Modiste in clip 3 as well. The second clip was filmed mostly at the VSteam One-Day Mini Con (see my shop's FaceBook photo album of the event.)

Watch full video on SpaceCast. Video plays as 3 connected clips (we are in clip 2).

Personal note:
One thing I have learned from this is: no matter how awful the weather or how uncomfortable you know you're going to feel, when doing business functions, ALWAYS DRESS YOUR BEST. The one opportunity I have had so far for decent media exposure, and I'm in a frumpy plain summer dress because it was such a brutally hot, humid, disgusting day and I am prone to heat stroke. I feel like such a dork. I figured "it's a one-day con, what could possibly happen? I'll minimize and wear this comfortable old thing" and sure enough, a film crew shows up. GAH. I can't help but see myself as a poor representation of the glamorous nature my business projects. But I suppose I shouldn't beat myself up too much, at least it was a somewhat classy dress, not a faded tank & grubby capris. :P

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