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Valerian's Journal

Diary of an Aging Goth Queen

18 December


I use it to keep in touch with with people I actually know. If you add me as a friend and would like to be added back (or re-added - I frequently do F-list purges to limit my blog to interactive people only), leave a brief comment in this post (all comments are screened to keep them private). Note: I will not add you back unless I have met you (online or IRL) before.

Dear Friends: I use this blog to discuss whatever is important to me, be it art, fashion, business, or my personal life. I admit I don't read as often as I post, so if you need to get a message to me, do it by commenting in one of my entries (I'll get the notification). If you are offended by something I've said (yes, I sometimes only open my mouth to change feet), confront me about it like a grown-up rather than overreacting and playing hide-and-go-highschool. I am always willing to discuss things.

About me:
* Elsewhere on LiveJournal: artofadornment (Art of Adornment store blog)
* On DeviantArt: Art of Adornment (fashion), Valerian (fine art).
* Creator of the ars_gothica community.
* Webmistress at Gothic BC.

I have been an artist since I was old enough to hold a solid object. My lifelong passion for art has taken the form of painting, drawing, collage, découpage, metalworking, woodworking, digital art, graphic design and signwriting, as well as crafting jewelry, handbags, masks, corsets and hats. I have been exhibiting my 2D work since 1989, and have been selling it online since May 2001. Although I have been making jewelry since 1985, it was not until April 2003 that I started my own online fashion accessories business (see below).

Valerian: Dark Fashion Gothic Portrait Art by Elaine Foster-Barrick

Valerian's Zazzle Shop
(my fine art print shop - posters, t-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets, calendars & more)

Art of Adornment ~ Victorian, Gothic and Renaissance Jewelry & Accessories
(fashion accessories - also eBay Store)

Eclectic Craft & Jewelry Supply Etsy Store
(craft supplies)


My Amazon.com Wish List

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